Mount Juliet has launched a gorgeous €15 afternoon tea for children 4 years ago

Mount Juliet has launched a gorgeous €15 afternoon tea for children

Children. Afternoon tea. Not a traditional combo - mainly because fancy-pants surroundings and posh food do not necessarily mesh well with small ones.

That might all be about to change, however.

Because a variety of top-notch establishments are now veering into children's afternoon tea - and among them is Mount Juliet.

The estate is calling it "a charmingly enjoyable way to introduce youngsters to this much loved tradition".

We reckon it would have to be a pretty special occasion to merit giving the little monsters such a high-brow experience - but, we have to also admit, they would absolutely love it. 

"The Mount Juliet Estate children’s afternoon tea is served daily in the Manor House, overlooking the lush grounds of the estate and the sweeping river views," a statement furthermore reads. 

 The Manor House is packed with the likes of fine paintings, antiques, and china, some of which has been in the house for generations ("don't touch ANYTHING!")... meaning your family will get a truly authentic five-star experience. 


"Instead of the selection of fine teas or specialty coffees though, kids get a delicious vanilla milkshake, and their sandwich selection includes toasted brioche & Nutella, ham & cheese finger sandwiches, a cream cheese bagel and cheese sticks," we are furthermore told.

"They also have their own versions of the iconic afternoon tea sweet treats too, tweaked to suit the younger palate, including rocky roads, chocolate marshmallows, cup cakes, cake bombs, biscuits and a mini knickerbocker glory."

Sounds like we'd enjoy it ourselves!

Children of all ages are welcome at Mount Juliet Estate and there is even a dedicated Baby Concierge. Otherwise, the estate has activity clubs for Little Rascals (for 4-7 year-olds), Lords and Ladies (from 8-12 year-olds), and the Mr Jinks’ Club (for those aged 12+). There, the kids get to do the likes of archery, treasure hunts, rounders, picnics, fishing, pony club, golf, falconry, and cinema.

The Mount Juliet Estate children’s afternoon tea is priced at €15 per child available in the Manor House and is served daily from 1pm to 5pm. Pre-booking is essential!