Mum shares all too real post about reaching breaking point as a parent 3 years ago

Mum shares all too real post about reaching breaking point as a parent

It's a post that will resonate with a lot of parents.

While parenting can bring a lot of joy into our lives it can also bring a lot of stress and sometimes we just reach our limit.

Some days it can be difficult to cope and one mum put into words just how hard she struggles some days to do her best.

Parenting blogger Constance Hall shared a post to social media earlier this year describing a day where it was hard to be a mum.

"I woke up this morning and burst into tears.

Raja is not sleeping. I can’t breast feed him anymore because he has chewed my nipples to the point of them bleeding and for weeks I’ve been calling out in pain when he does.

So now he sits on my face, hitting my head, crying at me, pulls my hair, yanks at my nose ring, I put him in his cot and he stands there screaming until I cave. I give him a bottle, he drinks them for Denim but never if I am around.

And then the sun comes up."


I know all too well the stress of a baby that just won't sleep and even when you're running on empty the next day there's no break, you still have to be a parent.

Constance went on to say;

"So this morning I sat up, knowing that my husband was just wanting for me to take him so that he could get some sleep.

I looked at Raja. I looked at my husband and instead of doing what I do every day, grabbing the baby, changing his nappy. Packing everyone’s lunches, making 6 breakfasts..

I cried.

I’m too tired.

I've reached my limit."

People forget sometimes that parents are people too and we can't be perfect all the time. Remember to look after your wellbeing. You need to look after yourself before you can look after anyone else.