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08th Mar 2024

Parents invited to have their say on new primary school curriculum

Kat O'Connor

A change to the primary school curriculum is a welcome move

Ireland’s primary school curriculum is set to be revamped for the first time in 25 years.

Parents have expressed concerns about the updated programme, but others are relieved to see it finally be modernised.

One HerFamily reader shared: “Teach them the facts in a safe, secure environment with adults who are trained rather than let them learn misinformation from the Internet and their friends.”

Another said: “Girls as young as 8 are starting to hit puberty, surely we should be encouraging children to embrace these changes by spreading awareness, this can be done sensitively.”

One concerned parent added: “Let the kids have their childhood.”

“The earlier you discuss this the more inquisitive it will make them, secondary school is time enough- do not take their childhood away,” another said.

The public will be able to express their opinion on the new curriculum before it is introduced in schools.

A consultative forum is due to take place in Croke Park in April 2024.

Parents and guardians will also be able to share their views in online forums, as well as in schools. This will run from March 6th until June 7th.

The key changes will focus on five main areas – Wellbeing, Arts Education, Modern Foreign Languages, Social and Environmental Education, and Science, Technology and, Engineering.