Stacey Solomon reveals why she has faked orgasms with boyfriend Joe Swash 6 years ago

Stacey Solomon reveals why she has faked orgasms with boyfriend Joe Swash

Talk about awkward.

Stacey Solomon has admitted she has faked orgasms in bed with her boyfriend Joe Swash - because she's busy and has other things to do.

The 27 year old made the awkward revelation on Loose Woman, as the panel were put on the spot by a second guest panel of men - including Joel Dommett, Martin Kemp and Joey Essex.

Both groups went head to head answering various questions.

But unfortunately for former X Factor contestant Stacey, her questions was if she had ever faked an orgasm with Joe.

The mum of two awkwardly tried to avoid answering the question, trying to take a dare instead of giving an answer.

She soon held up her hands and admitted her response.

She said:


"Yeah, I have.

"Not because I need to... it's just sometimes there's so much to do."

But Stacey assured her co panellists and viewers alike that it wasn't because Joe was doing anything wrong, but that she just "doesn't have the time".

She continued:

"I think it's okay to do it.

"What he is doing would probably get me there eventually, but I just don't have the time!"

Comedian Joel Dommett, who was a guest panellist on the episode, quickly pointed out a flaw in Stacey's plan: Joe would never really be sure what she enjoyed in bed.

He laughed:

"I think this is terrible.

"Obviously people do it for their own reasons, but I don't think it helps anybody. Nobody is learning!

"If something happens and you fake it, we're like, 'Oh, she really likes it when we do that!'"