Working Mums In Ireland Are Paid WAY Less Than Working Dads 7 years ago

Working Mums In Ireland Are Paid WAY Less Than Working Dads

A new study from Glassdoor Economic Research has us mums working outside of the home scratching our heads again.

The study collected data across 18 European countries in an attempt to analyse the gender pay discrepancies that may or may not still exist.

In some countries, such as Sweden, Finland and Norway (non-surprisingly), female employees are doing ok.

They have managerial roles, almost as many full-time positions as men and relatively equal status to their male counterparts when it comes to salary.

But those who have children - even surprisingly in progressive Norway - are being paid far less than their male colleagues with kids.

Most annoying of all, Ireland is ranked as the worst for paying female employees with children - we are talking almost 30% less than male employees who are also parents.



Added to that the sky-high cost of childcare in Ireland and it would appear to the naked eye that women with children are being gently prohibited from entering the workplace.


As this weekend marks the first anniversary of the historic 'Yes Vote' to marriage equality in Ireland, let us not forget that the fight for women's equality in this country is far from over.

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