This could be the answer to why newborn babies smell so amazing 3 years ago

This could be the answer to why newborn babies smell so amazing

You can't deny it.

Newborns have the greatest smell. If we could trap that scent in a candle and have that bad boy lighting 24/7 we would.

It's hard trying to pinpoint exactly what newborn babies smell like... but it's even more difficult to figure out why they smell that way.

Well, science has only gone and figured it out for us, so we don't have to worry.

Apparently, the smell is a biological trick for keeping babies alive.


According to anatomy professor at the University of Quebec, Johannes Frasnelli, it has to do with the bond between mother and baby.


“Of course, there must be mechanisms which allow for a very strong bond between parents, especially mothers, and the baby. We think that the odour of babies is involved in one of these mechanisms.”

Frasnelli theorises that due to the all of the work that goes with having a newborn baby - the cleaning, the changing, and the feeding - there must be some reason why people are still obsessed with their smell.

"Many people, mainly parents, will say that the baby odour is one of the most pleasant odours they have ever smelled.

Everybody can tell an anecdote how a particular odor triggered memories or emotions, and, as in the baby odor study, reward.”

Frasnelli's studies have shown that even women who are not mothers are mesmerised by the new baby smell.

And it's, apparently, all to do with bonding.