This video teaches young children about consent in an accessible way 3 years ago

This video teaches young children about consent in an accessible way

'You get to decide what you do with your body.'

There are many delicate chats we have to have with our kids - what happens when we die, why another child might be being mean, why their parents sometimes fight.

But a critical conversation that all mums, dads and guardians must have with children is one around consent.

A child might not understand that his or her body is off limits to others or that no-one should ever make them feel unsafe, which is why a sensitive but firm talk is crucial for child protection.

Consent is something that, sadly, even some adults struggle with, so how do you begin go explain it to a primary-school-age child?

If you'd rather not go down the 'stranger-danger' route, a video like this could be a good jumping-off point.


Rather than scare tactics, this 'Consent for Kids' video, originally spotted by LifeHacker, breaks down a heavy topic in a simple way and contains a positive message ("you are in control") rather than a negative one ("someone could try to hurt you").

Depending on how old your child is, you could watch just part or all of this together and then have a chat.

If the word 'consent' itself feels a little abstract, questions around saying 'no' and 'yes' and what makes them feel comfortable or uncomfortable might be easier for a child to get on board with.

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