WARNING: This Is Why You Can't Let Your Kids Watch YouTube Alone 6 years ago

WARNING: This Is Why You Can't Let Your Kids Watch YouTube Alone

While we are mostly aware, as parents, that the internet is a vast and shady place, there are a few things that we have accidentally put our trust in.

The idea that we can tap 'Peppa Pig' into the search engine on YouTube and hand a phone or iPad over to give you those few precious moment's peace that you need is one that my other half and I bought into.

We sort of blindly assumed that our two-year-old would watch an episode of her favourite little piggy and it would be followed by another innocent episode of the same thing.

We were WRONG.

Recently, we have discovered so many disturbing versions of Peppa Pig and other kid's shows on YouTube that we have banned little Eva from watching it altogether.

Because 'Peppa Pig' etc is in the title, these warped versions of the cartoon get in the queue behind authentic ones and eventually, your little one ends up watching these horrible 'creations'.

We are talking f*cked UP.

The versions we have seen of Peppa Pig include mammy pig giving birth in full graphic detail, the grim reaper chasing the kids, weird doctor visits to George who is subject to being pinned down and given an injection.


For example:


I've reported the videos and accounts to YouTube as much as I can but it looks like a bigger problem than I can handle on my own.

If you want to join me and help me to make the online world a little safer for our kids, then feel free to copy and paste my message and send a complaint of your own.

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We have downloaded YT Kids now which seems easier to place parental controls on, but for now, keep a close eye on what your kids are getting to see online.

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