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19th Feb 2016

Are you booked in for a C-Section? You can prepare for that, you know

Eimear Kelly

As someone who has had two Caesarean Sections, I’ve always been grateful for the knowledge I had before I was wheeled into theatre. After all, it is major surgery, and while we can never fully know the outcome, it’s so important to prepare ourselves as best we can.

So whether it is your first pregnancy or not, you never know if you might end up having a C-Section so take heed of these top tips:

1. Attend an ante-natal class

If you can, try to book one in the hospital you are attending. My husband and I found this invaluable. Within the class, they covered all aspects of the procedure: what happens, who’s in there with you (there are quite a few people) and the recovery process and time.

2. Don’t wear nail varnish

This might seem strange but if you need an    emergency C-Section, they’ll while it off so they can check your circulation during the procedure.

3. Get moving

As soon as you are able. I was told this by the theatre nurse and was grateful for her advice. Within twelve hours, I was up and slowing walking about. You don’t need to run, but just being able to sit up and walk about your room will help speed up your recovery.

4. Don’t forget your medication

This may seem like an obvious one, but on one occasion I missed my pain medication by a couple of hours and I really felt it waiting for it to kick back in.

5. Don’t overdo it when you get home

Easier said than done, but give yourself the chance to recover properly.

6. Take help

If people offer help, TAKE IT. You are not super-woman… well, you are because you’ve just had a baby and major surgery. Also, it’s important to note that help doesn’t mean someone holding the baby while you clean and tidy!

7. Hold off on driving

If you can, hold off from driving for at least six weeks. If you are unable to do so, check with your insurance company to confirm you are covered after surgery.

8. Visitors

Let them make their own cuppa, they can make it at home so they can do it at your house too.

9. Don’t forget Dad

This, I think is very important. You may wonder why, but don’t forget he has just watched you undergo major surgery. It’s a her-wrecking time for him too.

Eimear Kelly is a proud wife and mum of two. As a Stay at Home Mum, I’m kept busy watching our family grow. You can follow her blog