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12th Jul 2021

10 Rock ‘n roll baby names inspired by rock music legends

Trine Jensen-Burke

Would you let music be your baby name muse?

Picking a name for your baby is a pretty big deal.

In fact, it is pretty much the first major decision you will be making for your child, and something that will affect them every day, so guys, you want to get this one right. (No pressure!)

When it comes to inspiration for a name, it can come from pretty much anywhere these days, and people are turning to anything from favourite destinations to seasons when it comes to selecting a moniker.

If you are a music lover, though, how about letting these insanely cool rocker-inspired names inspire you? After all, one metal mama already named her kids after her favourite metal bands…

1. Hendrix

Who cooler to name your baby after than Jimmy Hendrix?!

2. Presley

I might have well been Elvis’ last name, but we think Presley makes for one adorbs baby girl first-name name too.

3. Lars

As in Ulrich. This name means “victorious” in Scandinavian, and, if you didn’t know, Lars also happens to be the name of one of rock and roll’s most influential drummers.

4. Turner

The last-names-as-first-names trend isn’t going anywhere, and sure who doesn’t love Tina Turner?!

5. Lennox

Inspired by Annie Lennox, but also very fitting with the trend of names ending in “x”.

6. Axl Rose

Both Axl and Rose for awesome rock baby names.

7. Dylan

As in Bob Dylan. But we totally love Dylan for a little girl, though.

8. Jackson

Sure, everyone loves a little classic MJ.

9. Florence

Florence Welch + The Machine, how cool is that for baby name inspiration?!

10. Bowie

We think this one is a unisex winner!