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02nd Mar 2019

Mum sparks huge reaction after revealing ‘crazy’ name for newborn daughter

Keeley Ryan

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Settling on the right name for your little one can be tough.

After all, there is a whole lot to consider.

Is your boy or girl going to end up sharing a name with half of their class? Is it easy to pronounce? Does it match your surname? Do both you and your partner agree on it?

Do you want something popular? Or do you want something unique? How unique is too unique?

Like we said, it is a lot.

A mum has come under fire after she revealed the reason behind her and her partner’s newborn daughter’s name, KVIIlyn.

According to The Sun, the Australian woman explained That’s Life magazine that she “loved” the name Kaitlyn – just not how popular it was.

She continued:

“So when I found out I was having a a girl, my husband suggested we replace the ‘air’ with the Roman numeral symbol for eight.”

Instead of Kaitlyn, this made the little girl’s name KVIIIlyn.

“Now our daughter is truly unique,” the mum added.

However, not everyone agreed with her.

The publication report that one fo the magazine’s readers shared a screenshot of the story onto Facebook, where it sparked a massive reaction.

One comment said:

“Too weird. Bet the kid is going to hate her parents later.”

Another person bluntly added it would “forever be the worst name”.

Someone else added:  “It’s actually a joke.”


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