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22nd Jul 2023

11 beach-inspired baby names that are perfect for summer babies


If you’re due to give birth this summer then why not pick one of these names for your summer baby?

Here are 11 names that simply radiate sunshine, hot sand, and a beautiful seaside breeze. There’s no doubt one of these summery names will be perfect for your little one.

1. Lir

The Irish God of the sea.

2. Bay

We love this unisex name!

3. Coral

This sea-inspired name will forever remind you of the seaside.

4. Ocean

A touch of boho, we adore this name for little summer-born baby boys.

5. June

How about a name that reflects the month she was born in?

6. Bondi

After the famous Aussie beach.

7. Summer

An obvious – yet still gorgeous – moniker.

8. Cove

Another nature-inspired name that simply radiates summer.

9. Rae

LIke RAY of sunshine, but a slightly more girly spelling.

10. Leo

If your baby is due between July 22nd and August 22nd, his star sign will be Leo, which, coincidentally, also makes for a great name.

11. Sailor

A gorgeous girls’ name with a nautical vibe.