#Covid-19 : HSE guidelines regarding expectant mothers and coronavirus 5 months ago

#Covid-19 : HSE guidelines regarding expectant mothers and coronavirus

Important information for expectant mothers.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 many guidelines have been put in place to protect the general public.

Among those of specific guidelines for expectant mothers to help ensure that both they and their babies are as protected as possible from the virus.

The HSE have released a number of guidelines for expectant mothers regarding coronavirus including the following;

*Prior to delivery, a hospitalised pregnant person with suspected or confirmed SARS-CoV-2
infection should be managed in accordance with the infection prevention and control guidance
for COVID-19).

The attending clinician should inform the local public health department and the
local Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner/Consultant Microbiologist of all suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection.
Interim Guidelines on the management of suspected COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 in the pregnant and post partum period.

*Patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 who are in labour and/or in the delivery suite
should be placed in an isolation room with en-suite facilities.

The door should remain closed with appropriate isolation signage (standard, droplet and contact) placed on the exterior door.
The patient should remain in isolation throughout their hospital admission.

*Mothers should not be asked to wear a mask during labour and birth however they should be
requested to wear a surgical mask when outside of the isolation room.

*One birth partner/accompanying person (e.g. partner/family member) is permitted to
accompany the patient during the delivery, as long as the birth partner is asymptomatic (does
not have symptoms of COVID-19). Asymptomatic birth partners should be asked to wash their
hands frequently.

The guidelines are extensive and cover topics such as postpartum and breastfeeding during the current pandemic. The full list of guidelines can be read here.

While being pregnant during this uncertain time can be stressful it's important that expectant mums try not to worry too much and stay in contact with their midwife and doctor for support.

According to RTE Dr Cliona Murphy, has said that to date there have been no severe cases of the coronavirus among pregnant women in Ireland and hopefully if we all look out for ourselves and each other there won't be.