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14th Aug 2017

The first ‘Ava’ baby has been born in America

This is a milestone.

Laura Holland


The first ‘Ava’ baby has been born.

A woman in America, Lizzie, has given birth to a healthy baby boy who has been dubbed the first ‘Ava baby’. Ava is an aid to help couples to conceive.

An Ava bracelet is worn at night and gives insight about fertility, pregnancy, and health. It’s quite like a Fit Bit, but for fertility.

Speaking about how it works, Ava Sciences CEO and co-founder Lea von Bidder says:

“Ava detects a woman’s entire fertile window, as opposed to ovulation predictor kits that only detect the last day or two best for conceiving, or the temperature method, which only confirms ovulation after the fact.”

Lizzie and her husband had tried every form of help available to them when trying to conceive but resorted to trying out the Ava bracelet. Three months later, Lizzie became pregnant and she recently gave birth to little Jace.

Jace marks a huge milestone for the bracelet after being the first baby born to parents trying the technology.

Lizzie told USA Today:

“It was amazing. He’s a healthy, sweet-tempered, beautiful baby boy. He’s a little miracle. There was such a long time that we didn’t even know if we would be able to have a baby.”

Speaking about using Ava, she said:

“I would put on the bracelet at night, then sync it in the morning and find out exactly where I was in terms of ovulating. We had been trying for almost a year. After I started using Ava, it took three months to conceive.”