This mum thinks she's going to sneeze her baby out and I know the feeling 6 months ago

This mum thinks she's going to sneeze her baby out and I know the feeling


The last few weeks of pregnancy can be a difficult time.

Between morning sickness and suddenly finding that you need to run to the loo every five minutes, it can be exhausting.

This mum, unfortunately, found herself with an extra problem and it's something a lot of mums can relate to.

The mum-to-be took to Mumsnet to try and find answers for her ailment

"I think I'm going to sneeze this baby out. I'm 34 weeks and suffering with really bad hayfever.
Doctor said I can take loratadine and eye drops which I have.
Got olbas oil all over me, nose strips at night, red light therapy twice a day, air purifier at home etc
I'm stuck at work in an office with no aircon so all the windows are open, sneezing constantly, face feels like it's full of cement. Can't breathe."

I have really bad hayfever and it was the absolute worst during pregnancy. My doctor told me I couldn't take my regular hayfever medication so it left me pretty high and dry.

I found it much worse on my second pregnancy than the first time around and spent most of last summer hiding away from pesky pollen.


A lot of the recommendations were one I was advised to try myself

"I believe local honey is great and helps you to build resistance."

This is actually great advice but unfortunately I couldn't use it for myself as I have a honey intolerance, which is really ironic considering my name in Greek means honey bee.

Others suggested some lesser known remedies

"Dip your face in a sink of really cold water for 5 minutes (obviously coming up for air) it helps the irritated blood vessels constrict, helps me sometimes when I'm desperate, although it's not a long term fix it makes you feel a bit fresher."

This trick is also useful for removing any residual pollen from your nose.

Hayfever is the worst at the best of times, but during pregnancy when your body is already going through the mill it's a particular nuisance.

If you have the same allergies as this mum and find nothing is working contact your doctor or midwife for more advice.