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26th Jan 2024

Nesting parties should be the new baby shower, here’s why it’s the more practical choice

Jody Coffey

One new mum has highlighted the amazing benefits of hosting a ‘nesting party’ over a baby shower.

Antonia Lui, instead of inviting friends and family come around to shower her and her baby with gifts, made a list of things she needed cleaned and organised around her house ahead of her babies birth.

This practical way to celebrate an expectant mum has taken the internet by storm, with many others agreeing this is a far better way help new parents prepare for their new arrival.

The idea of a nesting party is to outline what you need done around the house and then pass the list along to friends and family, who will then gift their time and energy to completing the list of chores.

In Lui’s case, her friend Bree, who organised the party, printed the tasks and jobs on individual cards so each of the party attendees could take a few to complete at a time.

“I sent her a list of things I wanted to get done before baby came, and she made little cards for each person to take to take on different sections of the house,” she explained.


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Lui’s then supervised as the chores were being done; vacuuming, folding, organising, cleaning, and sorting.

Her friends also brought pre-made meals to freeze for her to whip out quickly and heat up when she is postpartum.

“Everything was so clean and organised and I feel so much more ready for this baby,” Lui shared.

“It was so much fun,” the expectant mum says in the video. “I highly recommend a ‘nesting party’ if you’re getting ready for a baby.”

Having this time to put your feet up before your newest family member arrives far outweighs material items, it seems.

Many users took the comments to praise the party idea, favouring it over the traditional baby shower.

“I saw this 9 months too late. This is BRILLIANT!” one said.

“I just had my son in July and I WISH I would have thought of this! It’s brilliant,” another added.

“Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest thing. They’re all showing up to help!!! You have good people on your team!” a third said.

“This is by far the best idea ever in the world!  I can’t even,” one wrote.

Having a nesting party, she says, prepared her for having her baby, who she gave birth to a week later.

Can we replace birthdays with nesting parties next?