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16th Aug 2017

Serena Williams is planning her tennis return three months after birth

Her big return could be sooner than expected.

Orlaith Condon

The mum-to-be is already planning her big comeback to the court.

Serena Williams is currently preparing to give birth to her first child, however, the soon-to-be mum is already thinking about her next Grand Slam.

The tennis champ reportedly hopes to try and defend her Australian Open title next year.

The 35-year-old won the title last year and it was later revealed she was three months pregnant at the time.

Now the 23-time Grand Slam says she’ll be back to form for next year’s open which is scheduled to take place three months after she gives birth.

“It’s the most outrageous plan,” Serena told Vogue magazine in an in-depth interview.

“I just want to put that out there. That’s, like, three months after I give birth. I’m not walking anything back, but I’m just saying it’s pretty intense.

“If I lose and I lose again, it’s like, ‘she’s done’. Especially since I’m not 20 years old. I’ll tell you this much: I won’t win less. Either I win, or I don’t play.”

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The athlete says she’s been using her time off to study her game in the hopes it will help her improve before her return.

“I learn by watching. Or I watch old matches of myself on the Tennis Channel,” she added.

“I hit amazing shots and these girls are running them down and hitting winners, and I’m beginning to see why. It’s because I have patterns.”