Trying For a Baby? Check Out These 5 Fertility Apps! 6 years ago

Trying For a Baby? Check Out These 5 Fertility Apps!

Your diet. Your lifestyle. Your mood. There are a number of things that can affect your chances of conceiving.

Another thing which could help with the process is technology. That’s right, we’re talking about fertility apps.

Here are 5 of the best…


This free app uses personal data to monitor your cycle thus providing you with the information you need to attempt or avoid pregnancy. It can also be used to record medications, assess health and assist those undergoing fertility treatments including IVF. For more info, click here.



Again, this one is free of charge and enables you to track your period (and PMS symptoms) in order to identify your most fertile days. Basically, it does all of the hard work for you when it comes to determining on which days you and your partner should do the deed. Find out more here.



Period Tracker Lite

As well as telling you when you are at your most fertile, the Period Tracker can also compile notes for your medical appointments. While this version is free, Period Tracker Deluxe is another option to consider but it does incur a small cost. Check it out here.



Kindara not only claims to help you get pregnant faster but it aims to help you understand your cycle and manage perimenopause using a range of graphs and tables. There is also a community through which you can share your experiences with other women. You can see it here.



Maybe Baby

This is the most expensive of the apps on our list and it follows the same premise in that it allows you to predict when your next period will be and the best time for conception. It also hints at the gender of your baby which is a bit of fun (and probably not something to take too seriously). For more, click here.


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