10 Beautiful Baby Names That End In The Letter 'A' 6 years ago

10 Beautiful Baby Names That End In The Letter 'A'

We are always on the hunt for the best baby names here at HerFamily.ie.

And we pretty much love them all - Movie-inspired baby names, Swedish names and Vintage-inspired baby names - just to give you a little flavour!

One of our readers (who also has an awesome name!), Michele Bukowski, recently got in touch and asked us if we would create a list of names ending with the letter 'A'.


Challenge accepted, said we!

Here are our Top Ten Baby Names Ending With The Letter 'A';

1. Alanna

Derived from 'A leanbh' in Irish, it's meaning is quite simply 'My Child'. Love it.

2. Eva


A HUGE personal favourite of mine, since it is my daughter's name!

3. Mia

Because my son's creche sweetheart was the adorable 'Mia Mouse'.


4. Sophia

100% fit for a princess - see Disney's 'Sophia The First'!

5. Rebecca

Will grow up to be the nicest girl in the office (See our Rebecca McKnight!)


6. Joshua

Because Joshua Jackson. Every day.


7. Asa

Hebrew origin, meaning 'Doctor' or 'Healer'. Also one of my brother's best mates. There you have it.

8. Elija(h)

Because Elijah Wood is the cutest hobbit to ever come out of Hollywood.

9. Luca

The gorgeous son of our very own Trine Jensen-Burke who insisted on wearing a fireman's hat throughout her entire wedding day. Total legend.

10. Cuba

Show. Him. The. Money.

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