10 Unusual Irish Girls Names For Summer Babies 3 years ago

10 Unusual Irish Girls Names For Summer Babies

We have a lot of grá for the Irish baby names around these parts.

Of course, there can often be a bit of argy-bargy about spellings and pronunciations (I've done my best here, but ya know... I'm only human, and I learned a bastardised mix of Leinster and Munster Irish). I particularly enjoy when the proud owners of babies with unusual Irish monikers find their own spelling or pronunciation corrected by total strangers as is frequently the case for friends of mine. I have a bump to name currently and am definitely considering an Irish name this time around, though The Man thinks his last name doesn't work with Irish names. I am inclined to direct him to the nearest cliff and tell him to do the old run and jump. At seven months pregnant I definitely feel that I've earned the right to call the bump whatever I damn well like. Though when I proposed the Celtic name Isla pronounced Eye-la, he replied in mocking tones sure, "we can name the baby Isla White..."

Maybe he has a point...

10 Unusual Irish Girls Names For Summer Babies:

1. Bláthín

Meaning: Little flower.

Pronunciation: Blaw-heen

2. Samhraidh

Meaning: Summer

Pronunciation: Sow-rah (this 'sow' said so as to rhyme with 'cow')

3. Muireann

Meaning: Sea fair

Pronunciation: Mwir-in

4. Nóinín

Meaning: Daisy

Pronunciation: Noe-neen

5. Fraoch

Meaning: Heather

Pronunciation: Fray-och

6. Aoibhinn

Meaning: Beautiful radiance

Pronunciation: Av-een or Eve-venn

7. Lughna

Meaning: Brightness and radiance

Pronunciation: Lou-nah

8. Grian

Meaning: Sun

Pronunciation: Gree-an

9. Laoise

Meaning: Radiant girl

Pronunciation: Lee-sha

10. Lúnasa

Meaning: Irish for August

Pronunciation: Lou-na-sa

Did you  give your baby an unusual Irish name? Tell us in the comments...