24 wonderful baby names (with some just as lovely nicknames) 2 years ago

24 wonderful baby names (with some just as lovely nicknames)

Settling on a name for your little one can be tough.

After all, you want it to be something unique to your little one. But not so unique that they end up spelling it out for the rest of their lives.

But, also, you don't want it to be so common that they will end up sharing a name with half of their classmates when they reach school-age.

Like we said, tricky.

And that's where nicknames come in handy, since it's pretty much the best of both worlds: you get the unique name for your bundle, as well as the slightly more popular version (just in case you end up changing your mind).

Thankfully, the folks at Nameberry have come to the rescue - and put together a (long) list of some magical, unique monikers - with some fairly popular nicknames.

We've rounded up 12 of our favourites - for boys and girls - as well as their shorter, more popular nicknames.


Ariadne (Addie)


Octavia (Ava)

Mirabel (Belle)

Emmy (Clementine)

Elsie (Felicity)

Mia (Emiliana)

Molly (Amalia)

Allie (Allegra)

Mercedes (Sadie)


Auriella (Ella)

Rosamund (Romy)

Annika (Nicki)


Reuben (Ben)

Jasper (Jack)

Matthias (Ty)

Calder (Cal)


Artemas (Art)

Charleston (Charlie)

Willis (Will)

Robinson (Rob)

Dominick (Nick)

Tomek (Tom)

Acacius (Ace)

Calder (Cal)