Did you know these makeup items should be stored in the fridge during summer? 2 months ago

Did you know these makeup items should be stored in the fridge during summer?

It's hot out there, folks.

Beauty experts swear by putting certain cosmetics in the fridge during summer months to stop them from going rancid in the heat.

In fact, putting beauty products in the fridge is actually so popular now that you can buy mini fridges specifically for them.

While it's popular with skincare as chilled products feel nice on the skin, it's actually beneficial for makeup, too, as it preserves it for longer.

New York City-based board-certified dermatologist, Dr Kenneth Mark previously spoke to Hello Giggles about the benefits of refrigerating. He says the most important products to refrigerate are the ones formulated without preservatives as these can easily become rancid and contaminated when exposed to the summer heat.

Here are some products he advises to chill.

Eye creams and serums

Actually, this is one you should be chilling all year round. Applying these products chilled can actually help reduce swelling and puffiness, as well as providing you with a cooling effect when applying. Lovely.


Lipstick and lipgloss

Did you know you should NEVER keep one of these products in the car? Especially during summer as the condensed heat can actually cause them to change consistency and separate. This, in turn, makes them of a poorer quality and who wants to pay €20 for a MAC lipstick if you're not getting value for money? Not I.

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Teeth whitening products

To keep your pearly whites, white - teeth whitening products should be kept in the fridge and away from the heat as the climate begins to rise. Due to the instability of actives in the formulas, the trick is to keep these chilled.

Facial oil

UV light can actually accelerate the breakdown of facial oils. Storing this product in the fridge will help it to remain uncompromised from damaging sunlight exposure. Noted.

Face masks

Be it a sheet mask or a mask tub, these feel x1000 times better when they are cool. Nothing feels nicer than popping this on post stressful work day. Plus, leaving these in hot conditions will once again cause mask tubs to separate and unfortunately, you will end up chucking it away.


Other notable products include face mists and nail polishes. Who amongst us can afford to fork out for a full, new selection of beauty products come autumn? Let's do ourselves a favour and preserve them now while we can.