Got a tween daughter? This book about getting your period is a MUST BUY 4 months ago

Got a tween daughter? This book about getting your period is a MUST BUY

It IS a big deal.

Getting your period, that is.

But to many girls – and their parents, haven't open, honest and informative conversations around this can feel a little tricky. And embarassing, maybe.

To many girls, getting your period for the first time can be mortifying, weird and messy – and asking questions about it can feel even worse.

But it doesn’t have to be like that!

Enter the book you need to order rigth away if you are the parent of a tween girl.

getting your period

Welcome to your Period is a frank, funny, age-appropriate guide for pre-teens about getting your period, from Dr Melissa Kang and Yumi Stynes.

The little book is packed with honest advice on all the things any girl needs to know: from what cramps feel like to whether you can feel it coming out, to what you should do if your pad leaks onto your clothes.

In fact, Welcome To Your Period includes case studies, first-person accounts and questions from real teens (and answers from real experts – us!) so you can manage your period like a boss.

The book covers all the basics of bleeding for beginners, and is broken up by Q&A panels and personal anecdotes, which bring a range of experiences to the page.

Being the mum of a nice-year-old myself, I have already ordered the book and had a read though it, ready to read it with my tween – and just know this is the type of book that will help hundreds of tweens and teens demystify and normalise their experience of getting their first period.