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Big Kids

18th Feb 2019

Why Prince George and Princess Charlotte are banned from eating with their parents

Jade Hayden

Seems a bit rude but OK.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are but mere children.

They are incredibly young, both having been born within the past couple of years, which means that between them, they don’t really have all that much life experience.

Which is fair enough, like. They’re basically toddlers.

Still though, their ages seem to be playing a fairly big part in the reasoning as to why they’re not allowed to sit with their parents at dinner time.

Apparently, anyway.

According to Harper’s Bazaar Australia, George and Charlotte aren’t permitted to sit with their parents during royal functions because they haven’t yet mastered “the art of polite conversation.”

No, really. They haven’t.

Shocking, we know, you wouldn’t think it.

Yeah, as it turns out, it’s not just your aunt’s wedding that includes a kid’s table down the back with fish fingers and chicken nuggets – royal functions have them too.

And until Prince George and Princess Charlotte learn how to speak like royals ought to speak, that’s where they’ll be confined to sit.