What is controlled crying and how does it work? 1 year ago

What is controlled crying and how does it work?

Have you got a toddler that screams every time it's bedtime?

Do they rely heavily on you to help them get to sleep?

Well then, controlled crying might be just the trick you need.

Basically, controlled crying is the process of allowing your child to learn – or in some cases relearn – how to settle themselves before going to sleep or when being put down for naps. It means allowing your child to cry for a period of time so that they move away from depending on you to nurture them to sleep and begin to understand they must sleep by themselves.

Want to try to give this method a go?

Here are five steps to follow:

  1. If  your toddler yells when you put him in his cot, leave him for a minute or two to see if he settles.
  2. If he doesn't settle, go back after a few minutes.
  3. If your toddler is standing in his cot, give him a cuddle over the side, but don’t pick him up. Lovingly explain that it is bedtime, and that he needs to lie down and go to sleep. Lie him down and leave the room, (but don’t be surprised if he is standing again before you reach the door).
  4. What you are saying to your child both verbally, and with your actions is: “No, this isn’t acceptable. I’ve tucked you in. I love you, but now I have to leave and you have to go to sleep.”
  5. Leave for a few more minutes and if he's still crying, go in and repeat the process.

It is important to note, like all things - this does take time and it can be tough to listen to your little one cry but it is important to teach them how to correctly go to sleep without creating chaos each time.

Unsure of how much sleep your tot should be getting?

Here are some guidelines:

Age Hours of daytime sleep Hours of night time sleep
12 months 2.5 11.5
2 years 1.25 11.75
3 years 0-1 11-11.5
4 years 0 11.5
5 years 0 11