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01st Aug 2023

Amazon and eBay issue recall for baby carriers due to injury risk

An urgent recall has been issued for a popular baby carrier following reports of safety concerns.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has issued a recall for baby carriers sold on eBay as they pose a risk of causing serious injuries to babies.

In some unfortunate cases, babies may slip or fall out of the carrier and the CCPC has warned this could prove fatal.

It is believed that the baby carrier “bends sideways or forwards and due to the lack of attachment supports, babies could end up falling out of them.

The CCPC said this week: “A safety issue has been identified with certain Baby carriers sold on the eBay platform.

“The product presents the risk of Injuries. The baby is being transported in a baby carrier that does not comply with the requirements of the relevant safety standards.

“The carrier bends sideways or forwards with the baby. Due to the insufficient attachment options on the baby carrier, adequate support cannot be guaranteed.

“The baby may slip out of the carrier. The baby may fall and fatally injure itself.”

The model number is UK-A68101. The brand, barcode and batch number are unknown.

The product is also sold online through Amazon and there are an estimated 69 affected products in the Republic of Ireland.

Anyone who has purchased these carriers are now being urged to stop using them and to contact the eBay seller in regards to solving the issue.