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06th Feb 2024

There is now a kid’s version of a Stanley Cup

Anna Martin

baby stanley cup

Stanley Cups are literally everywhere right now

You can’t escape their giant metallic form as you walk down the street but most of the time you see them in the hands of adults.

Which, due to their sheer size and capacity, just makes sense.

Yet now even toddlers can hop in and grab their own version of the trendy drinking vessel as Fisher-Price has jumped on the bandwagon making their own version for tiny hands.

Though not marketed as a Stanley you can’t deny the resemblance between the products.

@prettypretendplay I have been waiting forever for this Baby Stanley Cup from Fisher Price to come in! Whag do you guys think? #asmr #babytoys #asmrtoysound #fisherprice #toddlertoys ♬ original sound – ✨ Pretty Pretend Play ✨

People have gone mad for them, since their launch back in the autumn of 2023 people have been selling them out around the globe.

They have gotten so popular that Mattel confirmed to USA TODAY that the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Wake Up & Learn Coffee Mugs will be back in stock very soon.

The child-friendly product has several features, guaranteed to keep your little one entertained for hours, including bright and colourful lights and a plethora of songs and phrases – yes the cup talks.

Just to further match the aesthetic of the viral Stanley Cup, the toys include coffee-coloured rattle beads and an adorable matcha latte swirl on the top.

Though it’s been in demand, some parents were confused as to why the company would even launch a product like this but Fisher-Price explained their reasoning.

Speaking to online parenting advice forum Scary Mommy: “Laugh & Learn toys foster babies’ natural curiosity with opportunities to develop the whole child through experiencing the world around them, and learning concepts in context.

Credit: Fisher-Price

“Laugh & Learn toys are sized just right for baby, and introduce early academics in context through early role play items that they see their caregivers interact with daily.”

Despite some parents being confused by the launch, others were delighted that their mini-mes could have their our version of their beloved Stanleys.

One Amazon review read, “The cutest mini ‘Stanley’ cup! We were running errands yesterday and several moms asked where I got it from.

“Not only is it cute but it entertains my 10-month-old. She loves the songs and teething rings. My little girl has her own cup just like mommy!”