This dangerous Instagram trend might be putting your baby in harm's way 2 years ago

This dangerous Instagram trend might be putting your baby in harm's way

I am sure I am not alone in finding tons of gorgeous interiors inspiration on social media.

From Pinterest to Instagram, my feed is positively flooded with lust-worthy kitchens, dreamy bathrooms and kids rooms that are seriously making me wish I was five again.

However, there is one Instagram trend that experts are now warning us about – claiming that by taking decorating inspiration from social media and certain influencers, some parents may be unwittingly putting their child in harm’s way.

According to Choice, Australia's leading consumer advocacy group, there are some nursery trends currently doing the rounds on Instagram that are simply unsafe – and that parents really need to be made aware of.

On many a glossy social media snap, throws, sheepskins, burning and soft toys are often spotted inside baby’s cots – and these can all pose serious risks.

"It is better to be safe than stylish," says Choice’s head of household testing Kim Gilmour to Babyology. "These things shouldn't really be in a newborn's environment."

Gilmour points out that if putting one or many of these items in your baby's room, supervision is key.

"Really there shouldn’t be anything soft in the cot," she explains. "So soft toys, sheepskins, cot bumpers all that kind of stuff. It’s something that you see in these Instagram photos and something that parents aspire to put in their nurseries. But when it comes down to it simple is the best way.”


And there are more things to keep in mind when it comes to creating a safey space for your baby.

Safe nursery checklist

Can you check all these off?

1. Secure all furniture

“Any furniture in the nursery should be fixed or bracketed to the wall, especially if it’s within arm’s reach of the cot,” CHOICE advises.

2. Keep the cot away from any windows

Windows often mean that potential strangulation hazards like blind cords and curtains are within reach.

3. Be light smart


Fairy lights are a strangulation risk, and remember that some decor lighting may also feature button batteries which can cause catastrophic injuries if swallowed by children.

4. Don't use loose bedding or decor blankets

“Any blankets should be tucked in tightly around the foot end of the mattress to stop them riding up and covering the baby’s face,” Choice remind parents.

5. No bunting

Bunting may look all sorts of cute, but it is a strangulation hazard, and should really be kept out of nurseries – even when children are out of the baby stage.



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