Finally, the parenting books we actually need will be in Aldi from next week 3 years ago

Finally, the parenting books we actually need will be in Aldi from next week

These books really understand parenthood.

Sometimes in parenting, when all around you things are falling apart, all you can do is laugh.

It's not something that you will ever read in a parenting book but you should because it's true.

I personally find that parenting books often don't focus enough on the little things, like how to have the will to live when your child won't let you strap them into their buggy or how to learn to love cold cups of tea.

That's why when I spotted these books I thought finally, a book that really gets what most parents are thinking and we all need them for Christmas.

These parody books take classic children's stories like The Tiger Who Came To Tea and switch them up with a more modern and true to life version.


The Very Hungover Caterpillar is something I wouldn't mind finding over the Christmas tree because if there's one thing I wasn't prepared for in motherhood it's being hungover with a toddler.

I actually try to avoid drinking on night's out now because I hate the thought of being hungover with a tiny person jumping up and down on me singing the Paw Patrol theme tune.

The Parody Humour Books are only €2.99 each and titles include ’Twas the Fight Before Christmas, We’re Going on a Bar Hunt, The Very Hungover Caterpillar or The Teenager Who Came to Tea.

These books are part of Aldi's Secret Santa gift range next week and other books will include The Mister Men series and the entire Harry Potter collection.

The above books and more are on sale in 140 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday 5.