Mum starts a photo thread of what sums up motherhood and it's too real 1 year ago

Mum starts a photo thread of what sums up motherhood and it's too real


This mum was curious as to what other mothers think parenthood looks like so she took to Netmums to find out.

She asked her fellow mamas to post photos on what they thought summed up being a mother for them and the results are too real.

She put up a post on the popular parenting forum saying;

"Just for a picture which sums up motherhood for you"

She began the post herself with something that sums up motherhood pretty well for me which in her own words is a cup of tea 'cold of course.'

Other mums weren't long jumping in to add their two cents on what becoming a mum has changed in their lives.


Warning, these posts may be too close to home.

Ain't it the truth?

I'm so saying this the next time we have people over. I'm currently stuck just saying 'sorry about the house, we live here'.


I'm so bad about staying up late when I know I'm going to be exhausted the next morning just so I can watch a show on Netflix. It's also my only opportunity to eat any snacks I've managed to hide from the kids.

I think if I had to add my own photo into the thread it'd be this...

When my daughter was a baby whenever I tried to have a biscuit or chocolate bar with my tea my daughter would chomp down on it or grab it out of my hand.

I wouldn't mind but most of the time I needed the sugar boost because someone, I'm not naming names, she may or may not be in the photo, had kept me up all night.

Maybe it was the universes way of telling me to cut down on the snacks.

So what do you think, do these pictures paint an accurate portrayal of motherhood?

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