Mum makes honest Instagram post about how she's not holding it together 11 months ago

Mum makes honest Instagram post about how she's not holding it together

It's not easy being a parent right now.

Many are working from home or have lost jobs and all of us are attempting to home school.

On top of that we can only leave the house for short spans and we can't visit anyone that we know.

It's stress on a new level for everyone.

Sometimes social media can give the impression that many of us aren't struggling. That we always look great, feel great and are handling everything like a pro. But that's social media though. It's smoke and mirrors.

Recently one mum got very honest about how much she's really 'handling' it and it's eye-opening.


Mum of three Hannah Williams, recently took to Instagram to write about how she's really coping in quarantine as a parent right now;

"I realllllllllly debated posting these. But I know I’m not the only one living like this right now.

I get a lot of messages saying that I’m keeping it together so well, or that this must be an awesome opportunity to spend more quality time with my kids...neither of which is true.

These pictures embody my day to day—nursing while on a call, eating lunch, and checking emails.

Pumping (bless the hands free pump bras!!!) while doing hair and makeup, and doing work in my bathroom.

Do I try to make this time as pleasant for my kids as possible? Of course! But do I also plop down a pile of snacks and say “eat these, entertain each other please?” Absolutely.

At the end of every day, I would give anything to sit in a room by myself in silence. And I am LUCKY. I have a job that is incredibly supportive and is accommodating working from home. Other parents have it harder than me. And I’m struggling!!! Can you imagine what it’s like for them???

So for anyone feeling like they’re struggling as a parent—you’re not alone. And I’m always here for you."

I think Hannah's post is so important for all parents to see because we can become convinced that we are the only ones not getting it right.

All of us are struggling in one way or another right now, so cut yourself some slack.

It's a global pandemic, you don't have to be a perfect parent, trying your best is enough.