My kids won't stop arguing so I'm thinking of selling them both on Etsy 1 year ago

My kids won't stop arguing so I'm thinking of selling them both on Etsy

They had it coming!

I don't know if it's because they were locked up too long together during quarantine or if there's a full moon due, but my two kids will not stop fighting.

If they are in a room for longer than a few minutes together one of them will start arguing with the other and honestly I'm thinking of selling them both at this point.

At first I was going to post a listing on Amazon but then I thought no, I made them, I'll stick them on Etsy.

Seriously though, I have no idea why they keep sniping at each other lately, but I'm more than ready for them to get out of this phase already, thanks!

It's gotten so bad that they even manage to give out about each other when they're apart now.

My daughter came in complaining the other day that her brother had pushed her.

Her was at school at the time. He wasn't even in the house at the time!


I'm really, truly close to just giving up at this point.

Children from bigger families 'more likely' to suffer sibling bullying

I know it's not uncommon.

I went though a phase of arguing with my brother when we were both younger.

There were even cousins close in age that would goad me into fighting with them, but both times it eventually stopped.

The problem is I don't remember why it stopped so I can't even use that to help me with my current predicament.

It's looking like I might have to ride this one out.

They will stop getting on each other's nerves eventually, right?

It has to stop soon, right?

On a completely unrelated note I'm putting up an Etsy listing today of two children who are absolutely good as gold and never fight with each other if anyone is interested.