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18th Jul 2019

Omniplex Cinemas launches My Omni Pass and every family should have one

Melissa Carton

Never miss a movie again.

With all the new superhero and Disney movies being released it can be hard to keep up with them. My seven-year-old is constantly asking me to bring him to all the latest kids films but it can get pricey very fast.

I’ve looked into cinema passes and subscriptions before but none of them seemed to offer enough benefits to warrant getting one.

That’s where Omniplex Cinemas new My Omni Pass monthly subscription comes in.

My Omni Pass monthly subscription allows customers to ‘See It All’ from just €17.95 per month.

My Omni Pass offers a range of benefits including one ticket to every standard movie screened at Omniplex Cinemas along with 10% off friends’ tickets booked online.

Members will also enjoy 10% off cinema treats plus free upgrades of My Omni Pass tickets to MAXX & Recline shows, along with exclusive screenings just for members.

With the new Omni pass, you’ll never have to miss a new release ever again.

My Omni Pass Pricing based on minimum 12-month contract is-
ROI including Dublin and Cork, €19.95 per month
ROI excluding Dublin & Cork €17.95 per month

Find out more and check out your nearest Omniplex today at