Opinion: Why does no one warn you about your first toilet trip after giving birth? 2 years ago

Opinion: Why does no one warn you about your first toilet trip after giving birth?

Seriously though, a little heads up would be nice.

Over the years writing for HerFamily, I've written a few articles pointing out bits of information that were left out of the parenting books and pre natal classes.

Today's article will be no different because after all these years, I'm still wondering why nobody warns mams about using the toilet for the first time after giving birth, because it's an experience to say the least.

Don't get me wrong, I was under no illusion that going to the toilet after birthing a baby was going to be a delight.

I had mentally prepared myself for everything being sore down there and it really is.

My advice for that first wee after vaginal birth is to try and aim straight, because if the pee hits your vagina it is going to sting like -insert many swear words here-.

I was ready for all for all that, but nobody told me that stuff other that urine or poo might make an appearance and honestly, a bit of forewarning might have been nice.


What am I talking about?

Well let me tell you what happened to me the morning after I had given vaginal birth to my daughter. I mention that it was vaginal because it didn't happen to me after my C-Section a few years earlier.

I waddled to the bathroom, got myself into a cubicle and pulled down my mammy nappy only to have something that looked like the creature from The Thing fall onto the ground.

I'm not going to lie, I may have screamed a little.

Ok maybe it wasn't quite Invasion of the Body Snatchers tier, but it was red and blobby and I was not prepared for it.

I called a midwife who told me it was grand and just my body cleaning itself out after giving birth.

My question is though, if it's grand and happens to just about everyone, why did nobody tell me beforehand?

This is must-know information!

According to medical advice website Healthline;

"In the six weeks after giving birth, your body is healing. You can expect some bleeding, known as lochia, as well as blood clots. A blood clot is a mass of blood that sticks together and forms a jelly-like substance.

The most common source of blood after giving birth is the shedding of your uterine lining. If you had a vaginal birth, another source can be damaged tissues in your birth canal."

Upon even further research I found many articles with similar information so I'm genuinely surprised that it was never mentioned to me by my midwife or doctor during any of my pregnancies.

If you are expecting soon or have just given birth and experienced the same surprise as me, don't worry, it happens.

On a side note, if you are concerned at all about the size or regularity of blood clots or bleeding after giving birth please speak to your doctor.