Pregnant mum shares trick to get her daughter to sleep easier and it is too cute 1 year ago

Pregnant mum shares trick to get her daughter to sleep easier and it is too cute

There's all kinds of tricks, tips and hacks to getting to sleep easier - especially when it comes to your little ones.

Which is why it can feel all that better (and more like a miracle) when you find one that actually works.

A mum-of-soon-to-be-two has won over Reddit users with the trick she used when she was trying to make bedtime easier one day.

She explained:

"The other day I felt like I'd been hit by a truck with tiredness.

"I'm pregnant with my second baby and after work I felt like I was a couple of breaths away from falling asleep sitting up, and I still had to get through the bedtime routine.

"So instead I told my 2.5 year old daughtet that i was very tired and i needed her to help put me to bed - and she did!"

The mum then went on to explain how the pair ran through the bedtime routine together - with each of them helping the other out - before snuggling in for the night.

She continued:

"She took me to the loo and to way my hands (the trick being that she immediately went right after me of course); she brushed my teeth then I brushed hers; she chose my nightie and put it over my head, i did the same for her; she tucked me in and stroked my forehead and sang me a lullaby.

"Then we snuggled together and fell asleep."

And while she says that she wouldn't do this every night, it was "awesome for this one evening".

Parents soon took to the comments, calling it "adorable AF" and the best post in the subreddit.

Some of them even began to share their own tales of similar situations.

One dad wrote:

"'Incompetent Dad' is a great method to get our boy to do a lot of things.

"'So, your dirty dishes go in the fridge?'

"'NOOOO! Silly Dada! They go in the sink!'

"'The SINK!?! What's that? Can you take them there and show me where that is?'"

Another parent said:

"That's an amazing memory for her! Good way to positively reinforce being 'Mommy's Big Helper' after baby comes, too. Congrats on baby #2!"

Meanwhile, a mum added:

"I do this with my youngest now for naptime...I'll tell her, 'Mom needs a rest, do you wanna come with me so we're together?'

"I even let her bring a tablet and she's out in 15 minutes. (And so am I.)"