This response to all the overwhelming advice new parents are given is GENIUS 7 years ago

This response to all the overwhelming advice new parents are given is GENIUS

New mums are often the target of an overwhelming amount of advice, doled out to them by, well, pretty much everyone.

As well as the avalanche of (usually unsolicited) advice, there are a million different baby books suggesting a million different things. Yes, everyone has an opinion, which they all want to voice, but sometimes you just need to trust your own instincts.

Acknowledging the fact that being a new parent can be tough (not least because of all that unsolicited advice), Tommee Tippee is recycling all the opinions and turning them into something useful. The baby brand has produced a limited run of baby wipes made from actual parenting advice that you can literally wipe your baby's bum with. Brilliant.

Not available for sale to the public just yet (sadly - hopefully they will be one day soon), the advice wipes are being distributed as part of a new campaign called #ParentOn, which aims to give new parents the confidence to put away the baby books and trust their own instincts.

The campaign's site says, "You quickly learn that raising a child is also when you raise yourself. Because there’s no baby book on your baby. But you hold this life in your hands and simply refuse to drop it. You’ll make mistakes, lots of them. But then you’ll take a deep breath, trust yourself. And…Parent On."

That's the kind of advice most new parents actually want (and need) to hear. We're sure it won't be appearing on any of the wipes.