Prepping for a new arrival? Here are all the things you'll need for a newborn baby kit 2 years ago

Prepping for a new arrival? Here are all the things you'll need for a newborn baby kit

Whether you're expecting or looking to gift to someone who is

Not gonna lie, prepping for a new arrival is overwhelming. When there's so much to do and buy through pregnancy brain, it's easy for things to fall through the cracks. We're not talking Moses baskets or buggies – you know you have them – we're talking all the little things that stock up the shelves and fill the drawers.

That's what makes a newborn baby kit such a lifesaver. Whether you want to make your pregnant pal a hamper or build your pregnant self a handy nursery cart, you'll need to know all the essentials to fill it with.

Here's our newborn checklist to get you started.

Vests and onesies

Babies need to stay snug so grab a two-week supply of newborn-sized ones and then swiftly progress to the 0-3 month version. They grow so fast.


This probably seems obvious. But it's important to remember to get the newborn-sized nappies specifically – and loads of them.

newborn checklist



Changing bag

Speaking of nappies, having a changing bag to carry them around in is a must for when you're out and about.

Wipes, tissues and cotton wool

Parents will need all of the above to wipe bums, spills and tears.


Because they're generally designed to say very cute things and because you need them to gently wipe delicate chins.

Muslin cloths


Great to have over mam or dad's shoulder when winding the baby in case of spit-ups. Also great for chucking to the floor when the spit-up misses your shoulder and ends up on your nice carpet.


Babies wriggle and stretch a lot. Get some mittens so that those teeny tiny nails don't scratch baby's little face.

Baby blanket

Wrapping your baby in a blanket will feel like a second-nature activity as you scoop them up to bring them from the sitting room to the kitchen or to answer the front door.

newborn checklist

Nappy cream

Whichever one you choose, you totally need this. Your baby and their little bum might not suffer any major nappy rash while they're tiny, but the comforting layer of cream when they've had a wee during the night will prevent them from too much discomfort. This won't go to waste when they're a bit older and do start getting bad nappy rash so keep it handy.


Body wash and creams

Bath time with a new baby is great fun. Put some drops of a gentle wash into tepid water and give them a nice massage with sensitive skin cream afterwards. So cosy.

Anti-colic remedy

Not all babies will have problems with colic but if your baby does, have some anti-colic medicine nearby. Check in with your pharmacist for their recommendation.


There are all sorts of thermometers to choose from. An infra-red hand-held thermometer is sturdy and big enough to not go walkabout and takes temperature from the forehead, but a digital thermometer can be handy to use rectally or under the armpit.

A car sun shade

Keep your little one's sensitive, fresh-out-of-the-womb skin safe from the harshness of the sun.


A cozy hat

Keep that tiny head warm with a cute cotton hat.

newborn checklist

Anti-bacterial hand wash

Using this to keep hands clean is good policy for you before and after changing your baby's bum, and for any visitors who are coming to visit your baby when they are small. It doesn't need to last for longer than a couple of months that you ask people to wash their hands before holding the baby - especially curious kids – the main thing is not to feel awkward about it. It's your baby!

A baby toy

A little rattle or colourful toy to hang from the baby's pram hood or cot is so nice to have, and if you're like the rest of the sentimental population, you will probably hold onto it as a keepsake forever.

Do you have anything you'd add to a newborn baby kit? Let us know in the comments.