I rushed into naming my baby boy and now I seriously regret it 1 year ago

I rushed into naming my baby boy and now I seriously regret it

Is it too late to change her baby boy's name?

We can all agree that there are way too many baby names to choose from. It can often feel like an impossible decision, but when you know, you know. However, one mum has admitted to rushing into naming her son and now regrets the moniker she gave him.

Her son is now two months old and she's worried it is too late to change his name.

She explained that her eldest son is named Teddy and she never had any doubt about his name.

However, her youngest boy is called Charlie and she regrets giving him the traditional name.

She told Mumsnet, "He has never suited it in my mind.

"I mentioned it to my mum the other day and she sheepishly agreed. We all call him "baby!"

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The mum said she loves the name Louis, but her mum prefers the names, Billy and William. However, the mum doesn't want to call him Billy either because it is her father's name. "I don't want to call him Billy and end up regretting it more than I do Charlie!

She confessed, "I feel embarrassed that my baby, in my view, has no name!"

Many mums encouraged her to change the name because she will regret it as time goes by.

"If you dislike it this early on then there's nothing to be gained by keeping it."

"I had this too with my second. I've never got over it being the wrong name and I didn't change it. I left the registry office in floods of tears."

What would you do if you were this mum? Would you change your the baby boy's name or is it too late?