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Baby names

26th Oct 2023

The perfect names for a November baby and their meanings

Jody Coffey

Can you believe that it’s already November?

If your baby is due to arrive this month, you are now at the final hurdle of your pregnancy and likely very eager to meet your new family member.

With so much preparation, thinking of a name for your newest family member can understandably fall by the wayside.

Fear not, as there are a bounty of monikers that give a little nod or hidden meaning to the month they’ll land earthside.

Below are some of our favourites for the future female and male Scorpios’ or Sagittarius’ born in the month of November.


Nova – a shortened version of November

Topaz – one of the November birth stone

Citrine – also a birthstone for November

Autumn – the season of their birth

Gaia – The ancient mythological earth-goddess who sent scorpius, a nod to then star sign Scorpio

Kirsi – the Finnish word for ‘Frost’ – self-explanatory

Luna – the Beaver Full Moon this year is November 27th this year

Sage – a herb in season during November

Poppy – a symbol of gratitude and hope often worn on Armistice Day (November 11th)

Crystal – chrysanthemum flowers are associated with November

Ariel – November 17th is ‘Little Mermaid Day’

Cassie/Cassandra – Cassiopeia is one of the constellations best seen during the month of November


Archer – the symbol of the star sign Sagittarius

Bruno – German origin meaning ‘brown’ – a staple colour of November

Reign – A nod to the song ‘November Rain’ by Guns N’ Roses

Bear – November 7th is ‘Hug a Bear Day’

Red – November 21st is National ‘Red Mitten Day’

Phoenix – one of the constellations best seen during the month of November

Andre – Andromeda is also one of the constellations best seen during the month of November

Mark – a tribute to author Mark Twain who was born on November 30th, 1835

Chive – a herb in season in November

Andrew – St. Andrew’s Day falls on November 30th

The article refers to ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ names, but it’s important to note that names can be used for anyone—no matter the gender assigned at birth.