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20th Oct 2017

She loves being a mum but Cheryl admits she ‘HATED’ being pregnant

Louise Carroll

She has been keeping quiet for a LONG time since giving birth, but now the former Girls Aloud singer is sharing her parenting experience saying it’s been the best six months of her life.

The 34-year-old said it changed her life entirely but in the best possible way imaginable.

“I didn’t stop for 14 years – literally on the roller coaster.

“Then when I got pregnant I thought, ‘Right, I just really don’t need this stress.’ So, I relaxed.”

Too right she is! And we bet she loved spending more time with dad and One Direction star Liam too!

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But Cheryl also told The Sun that it was by no means easy being pregnant and it sure wasn’t all rosy admitting she “hated” being pregnant. Yet, she focused on the positives of it all.

“It’s been actually over a year but it’s been perfect for me because it’s reset the mind-frame… I just feel I’ve sat into my own skin. I feel so good.”

She also spoke about her baba’s name, Bear. Seemingly the midwife would call him a ‘little bear’ and so the name simply stuck. Cheryl made it clear she wasn’t going to have any old “common name.”

“We carry them for nine months, we give birth to them and I think it’s only fair, but we did have a discussion, like lengthy. He didn’t have a name for, like, seven weeks.”

Now though, she’s ready to head back into the spotlight, making a guest appearance on The X Factor AND mustering up a plan to work on some brand-new music! Better watch this space so!