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31st Aug 2021

A clinical sex therapist says these are the best positions during pregnancy

A fun sex life doesn’t have to wait until after the baby is born.

Pregnancy brings all sorts of changes to a relationship, and sex is most definitely one of them.

Rest assured though, your sex life doesn’t have to die a death for the nine months you’re expecting.

Though it’s normal to just not be feeling it, especially in the first trimester when exhaustion and nausea are at a high, hormonal changes can increase your energy and libido as the pregnancy goes on.

With the right positions, sex can actually feel “more pleasurable” during pregnancy, according to Mary-Jean Malyszka, a registered psychologist and certified clinical sex therapist in Calgary, Canada.

She tells Today’s Parent that though you might be anxious about sex during pregnancy, there’s plenty of positions that are safe for the baby and enjoyable for you.

Here are what she says are the best sex positions during pregnancy.

1. Bump on top

In sitting up and straddling your partner, you can control of the pace and have the ability to move around to find the most comfortable angles for you. If you can, use the headboard to help support your weight by resting your hands or forearms on it.

2. All fours

Getting down on all fours and having your partner enter you from behind obviously avoids the obstruction of the bump. Use pillows to prop yourself up for comfort. This position allows for deeper penetration, so you might notice some spotting afterwards – especially if you’re near the end of the third trimester, when your cervix is softened. “Light spotting is normal, but check with your healthcare practitioner if you’re concerned,” says Malyszka.

3. Against the wall

Another “enter from behind” position for avoiding the bump. Face the wall, legs spread, and rest your hands or forearms against it, at around shoulder height, for support.

4. Side by side

Lie down facing each other with your heads apart and put your top leg up over your partner’s leg. Wedge pillows wherever you need them for maximum support and comfort. This position works during all trimesters but is particularly helpful towards the end of pregnancy since it doesn’t require a lot of energy to manoeuvre.

5. Spooning

Lastly, lie on your side so that your partner can curl up and enter you from behind to again keep the pressure off your belly. Putting a pillow between your knees might be more comfortable for your back.

Remember with any of the back entry positions that if there’s any anal penetration, your partner will need to thoroughly wash before entering the vagina to ensure any infection-causing bacteria is gone.