Doula makes educational dolls to explain childbirth to children and they're brilliant 3 years ago

Doula makes educational dolls to explain childbirth to children and they're brilliant

I need to get one of these.

During the 90s I remember there being a period when you could buy a Barbie whose stomach you could open up to remove a baby from.

I also remember a lot of parents being horrified. Even as a kid I found this reaction very strange. Why would it be a bad thing that your child would know where babies come from?

When I found out I was due my second child, I was completely open and honest with my five-year-old about what was going to happen.

There were no stories of storks, he was straight up told that his sister was in my body and that she would be coming out, also through my body.

Recently someone shared these handmade dolls with me, aimed at educating children on childbirth and breastfeeding and I think they're a brilliant idea.

Handmade by doula Milia Simielli, the educational dolls help prepare siblings for the arrival of a new baby.


I would have loved to have had one of these in 2017 and to be honest I'm still considering getting one.

I'm not planning on having anymore children but I still think it's important for children of both genders to know how women's bodies work.

After all my daughter will be an adult woman some day and my son may become a father so it's important for them both to know how childbirth happens.

The dolls are 37 centimeters and comes with an right centimeter baby doll. Other accessories include a placenta and umbilical cord, nursing dress, sandals,Hair tie, Sling, Handbag, Panties, Sanitary napkin (cloth pad)Nappy and Baby blanket.

Because the dolls are handmade and come with so many additional features, a premium birthing doll like the one pictured above costs €188.28 but you can by mini versions that cost only €38.09 and have many of the same features.

Both large and small birthing dolls can be purchased through Milia's store on Etsy.