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25th Sep 2023

15 stunning baby names inspired by the autumnal season

It's only our favourite time a year!



Ah, Autumn. The time of leaves changing colour, pumpkin carving and curling up by the fire.

It is a gorgeous time of year, and if you are expecting your little bundle in autumn, then all the more special for you.

If you are still stuck for a name for your little baby, how about letting yourself be inspired by the season he or she will be born in? Trust us, you’ll have plenty of gorgeous monikers to chose from!

Here are some of our favourite seasonal baby names for fall:

1. Rye

2. Amber

3. Ash

4. Rowan

5. Forest

6. Sienna

7. Reed

8. August

9. Saffron

10. Hunter

11. Blaze

12. Copper

13. Kale

14. Rowan

15. Willow

What was the deciding factor when YOU decided on a name for your autumn baby? Did you let the season help you decide?