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16th Jan 2019

Fingers swelling during pregnancy? These alternative wedding rings might be for you

A common symptom of pregnancy is swelling, particularly in your feet and hands.

When I was pregnant with my daughter my fingers turned into sausages and even after I had her it was almost a year before they were back to their regular size.

During this period I was not able to wear my wedding ring at all. I took them off when I was in my second trimester because they became uncomfortable and was only able to get them back on a couple of months ago.

I’ve met many women who had the same problem when they were pregnant and it really annoyed them that they couldn’t wear their rings.

One Irish company also spotted this and have come up with a solution that I think is fantastic!

Sona has created silicone rings that are a brilliant solution to many of the problems preventing expectant mums from being able to wear their wedding band.

Made from premium, hypoallergenic silicone they come in four colours, black, purple, pink and mint.

On the inside of the ring, you can find an infinity symbol as an extra special romantic touch to these super practical rings.

Not only are these rings great for during pregnancy but they are also great for any activities or travel where you would be afraid of your ring becoming damaged or lost.

Because of this, they are also available for men in black, navy, blue and grey.

A set of four rings is €11.99 and can be purchased from the Sona Rings website.