CONFESSION: 'I Was A Pregnancy Psycho' 6 years ago

CONFESSION: 'I Was A Pregnancy Psycho'

Admission: I was a completely self-diagnosed crazy lady on pregnancy numero uno. You couldn't talk to me.

Those closest to me bore the brunt of my craziness. So, if I was mental around you, take it as a compliment. I question how my poor husband, then fiancée, married me. Fear, I suspect.

I clearly remember at least three major meltdowns. I honestly just found the whole thing so overwhelming. I wasn't 16 like, I was 26 for God sake, what was wrong with me? I wanted the pregnancy, I wanted the baby, but I clearly underestimated the enormous task I was undertaking.

Besides some health issues, it was the frivolous things that got to me. I couldn't wear certain things, all my friends were going to pubs and clubs... not my scene when I felt like a fat whale.

I would go on weekend breaks with Al and cry that I couldn't have the cocktails. Seriously, I was insane. Pregnancy was nothing like I read in the books I bought. I really couldn't understand how women enjoyed this. Was there something wrong with me?


It turns out that plenty of women don't find pregnancy amazing. To all you future pregnant ladies, you may also become overcome with the enormous task that is carrying a child for 10 months and that's cool. You are not alone. Give me childbirth over pregnancy any day.

* Please note, I found pregnancy number two a doddle! I was calm, cool and completely collected.

Louise Bruton is a mum-of-two and a personal styling consultant. She has been documenting her journey through pregnancy and motherhood in her blog, All Things Lovely. You can also check out her Facebook page here.

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