An Irish mum of three will turn your ultrasound into a work of art 4 years ago

An Irish mum of three will turn your ultrasound into a work of art

These are amazing.

An Irish mum of three wanted to bring life to ultrasounds and so she decided to create works of art as inspired from the photos. Using splashes of colour and her creativity, Laura Steerman, who normally works as a solicitor, began to create abstract artwork from her home.

Thus, Quaint Baby Art was born.

Each painting is bespoke and can be proudly hung in your home. The paintings are intended to be a colourful celebration of little lives and the wonder of pregnancy and parenting. They're affordable, unique, Irish art and hand-painted by Laura in her home.

"The idea came to me during my first pregnancy. I treasured my daughter’s ultrasound photo so much that I felt it was a shame to have it tucked away in an album, yet it was too small to hang on the wall. So I painted a picture of it," says Laura.


The scans are truly fantastic and have touched so many lives.

One of Laura's most recent paintings was inspired from a story she read on, about twins born with Down Syndrome. After reading the story, Laura got in touch with the photographer who had shared images of the twins when they were first born. Together, they were able to surprise the mother with a special custom-made painting of the ultrasound.

After seeing the photo, the mother said, "This might be one of the sweetest pictures ever!!! My 2 littles all cuddled up. We may not be able to see their faces, but we can still see how precious they are!!! Twin LOVE!!!"

Images via Facebook

You can see more of Laura's artwork on her website or on Facebook and Instagram.