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01st Apr 2016

Radio Presenter Louise McSharry Announces Pregnancy News

Louise McSharry has revealed that she and her husband Gordon Spierin are getting ready for the pitter patter of tiny feet.

The journalist and radio presenter made the pregnancy announcement on her website. The post was titled: ‘I realise that April Fools Day is a bad day to do this…’

She explained how the treatment she underwent after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (she got the all-clear in March 2015) significantly decreased her egg count, thus reducing her chances of being able to conceive.

“I can honestly say that throughout my experience with cancer I only thought ‘WHY ME?’ one time. That moment came in the office of a fertility specialist four months after being given the all clear,” she wrote.

“The treatment which had saved my life had also decimated my egg count. Where I should have been at 35 or 40 on the scale of being able to conceive, I was a two. I was a two, and I was pissed off.”

Louise confided in friends about what she had been told but after a few months, she found out she was pregnant.

She revealed: “We spent the seven weeks between finding out and going for a scan in total disbelief, barely telling anyone, and trying not to get our hopes up. This wasn’t meant to have happened!

“Then, last week, we saw our baby wriggling around on a screen in The Rotunda, and now there is simply no denying it.”

The RTÉ star, who got married last year, added: “We are absolutely delighted and a little bit terrified at the prospect of becoming proper adults, but I gather that’s a normal way to feel. We are also incredibly grateful that we have beaten the odds.

“If you are happy for us, we are very grateful for that. If, however, due to your own circumstances you find this news difficult, I get it. I get it, and I hope that some day soon, just when you’re least expecting it you find yourself waving a wee covered plastic stick around with delight as I recently did.”

Top image via Instagram/Louise McSharry.