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01st Apr 2018

Mum-to-be furious after husband shares pregnancy news before first scan

The opinion was split.

A mum-to-be sparked an online debate after she said she was furious her husband announced her pregnancy news – after he agreed not to.

She explained on Mumsnet that her partner had said he would not tell anyone about the news until after the first scan…but he spilled the beans on a night out with pals.

She wrote:

 “I am 11 wks pregnant and have my first scan next week.

“DH and I agreed not to tell anyone before the scan and I have been really stressing about anyone finding out!

“Last night DH went out with a friend and told him that I am pregnant!

“AIBU [am I being unreasonable] to think I can’t trust someone if they can’t trust themself?

“I feel completely undermined! I can’t see what consequences DH will suffer or what I can do!

“He’s just going to get away with disrespecting my wishes!”

Her fellow parenting forum users were somewhat divided on the situation, though many thought she was “making too much of it”.

One person said:

“He just got excited and told someone! I think you’re making too much of it.”

Another wrote:

“OP just try to move on. He made a mistake but don’t let it overshadow your happy news. And don’t worry too much.”

Others acknowledged why the mum-to-be may be upset, but felt she should let it go.

Someone added:

“It’s a bit annoying, but I think the most likely explanation is that he is so excited that he couldn’t keep it to himself, which would actually be rather adorable.”

Another wrote:

“Totally understand you not wanting to tell anyone before scan. We waited and didn’t say anything to anyone.

“But it is done now so you have to get over this and move on. Be happy together and don’t bear grudges.”