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22nd Apr 2018

Tom Daley’s and Dustin Black’s baby shower looked insanely fancy

Lavish, AF.

Tom Daley and Dustin Black are expecting a baby.

The pair announced that they were going to become first-time dads via a surrogate a few months back so, naturally, yesterday they decided to throw a baby shower.

This wasn’t any normal baby shower though.

This was a baby shower featuring actual showers, an abundance of cupcakes, and also drinks in baby’s bottles.

Basically, it was extra as f*ck and we’re only 75 percent annoyed that we couldn’t have been there.

There was a baby in a sink.

A man holding a woman like she was a baby.

Some rainbow fruit skewers.

Party glasses that said ‘Oh baby’ on them and also sashes that read ‘Daddy to be.’

Because why not?

A lot of baby bottles filled with what we can only presume is prosecco.

Many tiers of cakes.

… And whatever’s happening here.

All in all, it looked like a fair lavish party that was probably as extra as you could get with a baby shower but hey, we won’t judge.

Instead, we’ll just sit here wondering why all the baby showers we attend only include rice krispie buns and non-alcoholic wine.

Sure look, what can you do?

Daley and Black announced on Valentine’s Day that they were expecting a child together, later revealing on a podcast that the baby was going to be a boy.

The couple have chosen not to say which of them is the biological father of their child, instead stating that both of them want to have a “biological connection” to their son.