The ultimate HerFamily guide to your pregnancy: Week 29 5 years ago

The ultimate HerFamily guide to your pregnancy: Week 29

Week 29 – you're in the 3rd Trimester! Read more about trimesters here.

This week....

Your baby

Is now 39 cm in length and about the weight of a large butternut squash at 1150gm. This weight will double — or even almost triple —  before week 40.  Until now your baby was depositing brown fat to help regulate its temperature. The fat that is now appearing under the skin — smoothing out those wrinkles — is white fat which stores energy. Bones are getting harder as calcium is deposited.


As exhaustion and fatigue return you may find it increasingly difficult to sleep. Restless leg syndrome, leg cramps, snoring, insomnia and anxiety can all keep you awake or wake you up.

It is normal to worry during pregnancy, but if your anxiety is becoming all-consuming and you are becoming increasingly stressed, seek help.

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Pre-birth bucket list


You still got a few more weeks before baby gets here, and let me tell you, mamas, now is the time to make the most of not having an infant – because soon you will, and life will suddenly be a whole other ball game.

Not that it won't be amazing, but it will also be pretty intense, so take our advice and squeeze in some time now to do lots of nice things for yourself – in a few weeks you will thank yourself having done them!

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Start thinking about that hospital bag

It might be the single most important bag you will pack in your lifetime, and, trust us, once you start getting together all your bits for it, suddenly it will hit home just how close you are getting to meeting your baby!

Many of us pack our first hospital bag and – once in hospital and in the throws in labour – realize that things we really should have packed were left at home (Hair ties! Lip balm!) and things we could have absolutely done without (deck of cards!) were safely tucked into the bag.

Luckily, you live and learn – meaning, by the time you get to baby #2, you are a hospital bag pro!

(Or, you know, you can just take our hard-earned advice and get it right from the start!)

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Wow, mamas, next week is week 30 and the countdown is ON!